Friday, 28 September 2018


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I looked this up - it means a feeling of emotion or sympathy but the adjective 'pathetic' has always to me seemed to have evolved into something like a sneering attitude towards someone.  I would like to stick to the original in this post.  We have been away for some three weeks, visiting our ageing family, as we do every year about this time.  My sister-in-law with the vascular Parkinsonism, seems to be going backwards fast. I felt very sorry for her when we took her to visit a 17-year-old granddaughter, whom she sees rarely, and she exclaimed that "You have grown so much! You are as tall as me now and I am 5 foot 8".  Sadly, the illness has caused such curvature of the spine that she is now only my height - 5'5".  I doubt whether the said granddaughter has grown an inch since she was 13.
There were some lovely parts of our trip - 5 inches of snow which is unheard of in the centre of South Africa, and we saw some lovely things during our two days in the Addo Elephant park.  But mostly it was sad.  

Back to Book club this month: I do not like poetry much at all, but this month we decided we must all bring a poem to talk about instead of a book. Talk about Memory Lane: I recalled a couple of stanzas from Lorne Greene's rendering of "Ringo".  This was the song on the B side of a '45 I bought when I was 15 with the theme to "Bonanza" as the A side.  I loved this story about a cowboy so much, I learned all 8 verses.  I remember well the first four. So my challenge before next week is to learn the others again and recite it at the meeting!  It is a really beautiful ballad full of Pathos and the deep voice of Lorne Greene is magical  (find it on Youtube).  I still feel like shedding a few tears at the sad end.  Wish me luck.

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