Sunday, 6 May 2018

Things a Granny is Ill-Advised to Say to the Parents/Grandchild

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"If you let them walk around with their food, it's no wonder the dog eats most of it. Why don't you put the dog outside when they eat?"
"Shouldn't they be in bed already?"
"If you bath them later and put them to bed straight away, they will sleep better and not run around outside and get dirty again".
"Don't they have all these tummy upsets from too many take-aways?"
"You really will have to restrict the time he spends on that Play-Station".
"What are you going to do with that trunk of Lego pieces?"
"You shouldn't make empty threats."
Why can't they play in the garden instead of having to take them to 'Adventure Playgrounds' in the school holidays?"
"Don't they eat too many crumb-covered things cooked in the Air Fryer?"

On the upside though:
"It's so nice to see them eat a home-cooked meal"
"I am so glad they don't have TVs or cell phones in their bedrooms."
"I am so glad you still read to them in bed every night"

However,  my 7-year-old granddaughter can be mean: when reprimanded by me for cheeking her mother in the car, there was a silence - then:
"I don't want Granny to baby-sit me tonight.  I want Elise (their maid)."
"You can't have Elise".
"Then I want Nana - Granny can go home".

Luckily, I didn't react to this and later, after 4 games of Junior Monopoly and half an hour of shooting a netball in the garden, peace was restored, baby-sitting went like a charm and bed was half an hour earlier than usual.


  1. It can b hard to not offer what seems like such obvious and such helpful advise. I have learned (mostly the hard way) to just keep my mouth shut.

  2. My grandson is only 14 months old, so for the moment at least, I'm still in his good books. I suspect that will change.

    Boy is it difficult to bite my tongue though my comments would be more along the lines of, put down that damned I-phone/I-pad and pay attention to your child, or at 3 a.m., can you not hear your child crying...the rest of the household can! :)


    1. I get that. My daughter is on her phone all the time.

  3. I wish I could be a grandma

  4. I have to admit there is nothing to compare - I still think I am a better granny than I was a mom.