Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Interesting Biological Parallel with a Car Exhaust

Not this bad yet

I admit to feeling very sorry for my husband this week, as he has had a recurrence of the very painful complaint 'anal fissure'.  The last time was two years ago when I was so upset with him after the Christmas party and thought it served him right.  This time I am more sympathetic, having picked up and practiced Oprah's lessons about forgiveness.  However, our elderly chemist decided to do his own thing regarding making up the prescription and ignored what the doctor prescribed with the result that the cream is so runny it is difficult to insert. For the first two days, things got worse, particularly so on the day we had to visit the children in Cape Town and while the ladies were out, my sons wanted to go for a walk with their dad.  Hardly able to sit, he certainly couldn't walk and had confessed the reason to big son.  Too embarrassed to answer to small son's question, big son piped up,  "Dad has a crack in his exhaust system", at which small son, of course, packed up laughing.  Husband was not amused.  We have since addressed the problem by keeping the cream in the refridgerator, and the judicious use of a syringe. Not nice.

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