Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Dalai Lama's Cat - And the art of Purring

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This is a book we had at Book Club. Very cute - gentle lessons in Buddhist beliefs through the eyes of a (very spoilt) cat.  It's not necessary to read the book but it did remind me of few things viz.  Don't try to re-live happiness from the past - it will probably depress you.  Live in the present and enjoy every minute that you can.  The most happiness is to be found diverting your thoughts from too much introspection and seeing what you can do to make others happy.  I have never been much involved in charity work, but I can see the appeal and I do the things that I like for our Ladies' Club - viz knitting or crochet, but on the whole I think I should concentrate on being nice to my husband which will now be much easier now that I have access to some decent pain pills for the next few weeks. Hopefully by then I will have established a habit - they say you have to do something thirty times to cement a new behaviour.  NB  - Small son has given up smoking for 31 days now. Yeh! 


  1. Quitting smoking is HARD. I was a social smoker, I could go for months without a cigarette or smoke 10 in one night out with the girls. Then my sister got Lymphoma and asked me to stop. Its been 10 years. The first year I craved them all the time so smoked 1, found it nasty & the cravings stopped.