Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Don't Judge a Man by his Pants

Formal dress?

We went to a lovely wedding last month: small son's best friend - they grew up together - and a lovely American girl from Arizona.  The met four years ago, very romantically, on a game reserve in South Africa, where small son's friend was working as a game ranger. They had a tiny civil wedding when their travels and commitment took them back to her home in Arizona and then they had their dream wedding back here two years later.  It was a bit of a chilly day (and I was saving my high heels for the evening - it was wet on the grass!) and the guests were invited to play an impromptu game of croquet while we waited for the photographs.  The invitation had said 'Formal' so I was somewhat critical of this young gentleman in his shorts.  I heard later that he had been on a two-week cycle marathon and just made it to the wedding in time.  In his haste he had packed shorts instead of his long pants (same color) into his rucksack.  Needless to say, he is at the moment, not chaperoned by a girlfriend who might have checked.  Anyway, in the end - when I got to chat to him - what a nice chap. This is small son and his girlfriend  from whom I was sorry to hear he broke up with two weeks later (also me and hubby)


  1. Small son? Looks like he has grown some since he earned that nickname!
    I have planned my mother of the groom outfit a number of times, but I have given up on that now. It seems my even thinking to myself about a wedding in the family is a kiss of death to any relationship my son might have.

    1. Um, yes, in fact small son looks as if he should go on a bit of a diet - too much fast food lately. Relationship stress. Actually, I am not in a hurry for him to get married. He must be very sure. Am not planning an outfit any time soon.