Friday, 17 November 2017

Breaking Bones should Hurt More

MIne is like the one on the left, but lower down

That might sound weird but I need a more arresting title than say, "Back Problem".  The physical problems that accompany ageing are really so boring, but what can I say? I thought I would share a few thoughts that might help someone else. I have had searing pain between my shoulder blades and could hardly walk for the last few weeks, so I went first to the chiro "Shock, horror, your sacro-iliac joint is jammed".  Some of his manipulation relieved the tight muscles down either side of my spine temporarily (and freed up the joint), but the problem persisted. Eventually, I went for X-rays last week and my GP seemed totally awed by the "severe lower lumbar spondylosis with scoliosis convex to the left" (which I was born with - and not worried about) but he did point out to me some fracturing of two of the lumbar vertebrae.  I think, on reflection, that I did this to myself (not confessing to the doctor of course), but when I was at wits end with my 'piri formis' muscle (sorry to bore),  I found advice on Youtube (naturally), which recommended rolling on a tennis ball (which I didn't have at the time), and if not, to use a rolling pin. I do recall this was quite painful (did I crack my own vertebrae?) but I was desperate to find something to assuage the muscle pain so I persevered. Having seen the X-ray, I shall desist from this practice and hope that with rest/passage of time the joints will heal themselves.  I can't afford to go for the Bone Density Scan until January but I don't think that will reveal a problem: last year I fell on my hip x3 times and broke nothing.  Luckily, my doctor was so amazed by my deformed spine that he gave me some strong painkillers which work very well indeed.  At least I am not snapping at my husband as I was before.  Let's hope that by January nature will have done its' work. My husband broke a toe once in the night on his way to the bathroom - fixed it himself and I met someone recently who had also broken her toe, but not realised. She has pain now - 5 years later).  I broke a finger once but it didn't hurt all that much so I didn't do anything about it.  Today, it is very skew and hurts a lot if someone squeezes my hand. Why didn't it hurt more at the time? (Sorry to bore).


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your back, that sucks. About 10 years ago I was thrown/fell off my horse at the beach, hurt like a bugger, rode my friends horse back the mile to the trailer. Next day I thought my hip might be broken so went to hospital. They did xrays and told me hip not broken but I had THICK bones & I wouldn't need to worry about breaking them as I got older. I wonder if your doctor could look at your xrays and tell the same thing without having to get a bone density scan?

    1. Perhaps I also have thick bones? I fell on the same hip three times last year - nothing broke. Thanks for the info.