Monday, 26 June 2017

Remember Elephants love Fruit

Through the windscreen of our car
One thing we did manage to do last month was spend a night at the Addo Elephant Park on our way to the coast from the Karoo.  I have been deservedly nervous of elephants in recent years owing to the bad behaviour of tourists who hassle the animals in the famous Kruger Park.  As it happens, the elephants at Addo are plentiful but still docile as the tourists there show some respect.  We were lucky enough to come across this group at a water hole late in the afternoon: there were quite a few babies of various ages. This little guy made a mock charge towards us, but proved to be trying to scare off a couple of small birds. We watched for a while along with a few other cars, well spaced apart, when I saw the matriarch lift her head, look towards our car and then she left the group and strolled over, looking inquisitive. She was about twice the height of our car.  I suddenly realised my husband had his window open and was chewing on a succulent piece of dried mango. I hissed at him to close his window, which he did, and thankfully she turned away,
Believe me - this mamma was bigger than she looks!
but not before the driver of the car nearest to us saw her in his mirror, got a fright and almost reversed into her (although she might not have noticed if he did).  I once read that if an elephant gets the idea that there is a tasty treat inside a car, it will shake the vehicle like a tree. Not so good for the car or its inhabitants. So take a tip: remember elephants have a very keen sense of smell. Happily, nothing bad happened to anyone this time.


  1. I think elephants are such amazing creatures.
    In Yosemite Nat'l Park there are thick steel lockers for anything that has touched food, even kids' car seats. The grizzly bears will smell even cracker crumbs and can damage cars badly if they are determined enough. Not tempted to go camping in bear country.