Thursday, 22 June 2017

Allergy to Latex in Plasters

Me - sorry but looking for sympathy

It's been a long, emotional month, also with a long bout of bronchitis/ashma which has been debilitating. I am feeling good-ish for the first time today - thanks to my husband's concoction of black coffee and brandy which is acting as a temporary pick-me-up.  I haven't loaded the photos yet of the last three weeks, but thought I would share this one of my recent trip to the Dermatologist.  The trouble with 'things' on your back and around your bra-line is that you can't see them and they are therefore worrying. Despite telling the doctor that I am very allergic to waterproof/stretchy plasters, he had to use something and tried the ordinary old-fashioned ones. This is the very itchy result after two days - the actual moles removed healed nicely.  I guess one's skin gets more sensitive as you get older, and I seem to have inherited my dad's problem. Apart from that I learnt another hard lesson - when I got the bill - when you want any kind of procedure from any doctor - GET QUOTES FIRST. Failing to do this resulted in a bill at least 5 times what I had expected and emptied our Medical savings for the year. I was deeply shocked. I don't know how things work in America, but for purposes of comparison, our monthly medical insurance (a very basic plan) costs about 23% of our budget.  How does your system compare?


  1. I have no idea how insurance work. I believe it is a major con job though because the insurance companies seem to always win after leaving us to gamble that something catastrophically bad will happen to us. If it does or it doesn't, we lose.

  2. I pay about $130 monthly out of my check and my employer, the state of Washington/ Ferries division, pays about double that. When I call for an appointment I LAWAYS have to see the nurse practitioner first even if I ask for a dermatologist just so that she can tell me I need to see the Dermatologist. I pay a $30 copay to see her, then another $30 copay to see the derma, then I get a bill from each of them for another 20% or the procedure.
    I have a tumor in my foot so I've seen the doctors 5 times already and will have another injection in August & surgery to remove it in October.
    Now I have a spot on my chest so I'll be seeing the nurse for that on Friday & I'm betting she'll refer me to the derma later.
    I think my share of my medical bills is $2000 yearly + 20% but EVERYTHING is so over priced that I'm reaching it fast. That's why I'm seeing the doc for the chest thing, might as well get it all taken care of this year and hopefully not have to see a doc at all next year.