Monday, 29 May 2017

Check Your Posture

One of our beach cleaners taking a break

Most of us are guilty of bad posture, some or the time - or, let's be honest - most of the time. Just look in a shop window as you browse.  My physio gave me a severe lecture concerning this topic and I now try very hard to follow her advice - I check my posture whenever I remember. It has certainly paid dividends with regard to backache. 
I found this advice in a magazine the other day -  stand with you feet slightly apart, back to a wall;  place your head against the wall, chin parallel to the ground; push your shoulder blades back until they touch the wall (chest out), now touch the wall with your bottom. Your spine should now be correctly aligned.  I did wonder though if this can work across cultures: our Bushmen and African peoples tend to have very large behinds  (could they touch the wall?) Maybe it's like IQ tests - you can't ask a primitive tribesman to operate a can opener, he will have quite different skills. Just thinking.

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  1. My mother was always reminding me about posture. I agree, it does help with back pain.