Thursday, 2 February 2017

Two Spiders Named Derek

Has Derek repaired his web with a white cotton zig-zag stitch?

Like most people, I have a horror of being in close proximity to a spider, but when it has set up shop in my flower bed, there are issues.  Recently, I watched one of my favourite shows, "Shed and Buried", starring the Brit, Henry Cole and his buddy Sam Lovegrove.  This is also one of my husband's favorite TV shows: essentially it involves these two funny British motor-bike fanatics digging around in people's sheds to discover, buy and sell basically anything old that has a motor. I love the laid-back repartee between the two guys although the objects they rave over I understand nothing about except that they are old and may turn a profit. One day, they bought something that had a resident spider. Although I live in South Africa, I find that the common British house/garden  spiders are very scary - big, black, scurrying and threatening. (Ours are much smaller but more lethal.)  Of such a one was Henry also scared. Hilariously, he donned a motor bike helmet and gloves and armed with a garden-vac, he cautiously blasted it out of its home to land safely on his lawn. He had christened it "Derek", a fairly nerdish name, which, I feel, gave him the courage to plan his attack. Similarly, I named my spider, "Derek" and immediately found him to be less threatening.  I don't object to him per se, understanding that the average spider consumes about 2000 bugs a year,  however, I can't get around his web to pull out the weeds behind my petunias.  Thus, we have achieved an uneasy truce: my weeds continue to thrive and Derek sticks to his guns and won't move. I gave up trying to identify him until I finally realised my husband had given me a book on "Insects", (duh!).  After correct research, I think I have discovered him to be a harmless "Rain spider",  which sounds kinda peaceful, don't you think?      



  1. I HATE SPIDERS. One night I had an extra large Wolf spider crawling around on my naked boob in my bed. NO!

    1. AAAAaaarrrggghhh! That's the very worst.

  2. I'm terrified of spiders, though ours are not nearly as large as the one pictured, or the English Derek. For nearly two summers in a row, I had that lived in the space behind the side mirror of my car. Each time I opened the driver's door it broke the web and he/she had to start over. I don't know what happened to it, perhaps a bird had it for lunch.

    I'm missing color in my life, we're all grey, white and brown here. The pretty flowers are a treat (weeds, what weeds - all I see is greenery).

  3. I can't say I like spiders, but I just leave them go about there business. My wife is afraid of them, yet she dutifully catches them in an old butter container and releases them outside. Not sure of the navigational abilities of the spiders, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they don't make it back into the house within a day.