Monday, 23 January 2017

Reluctant Chairlady (or She Who Hesitates is Lost)

I've always been a follower myself  (google pic)

I had only been a member of our local Ladies' Club for a few months when the outgoing Chairlady approached me and asked me to take over her post. She was returning to Scotland for her twilight years... Slightly staggered as I was so new, I dithered, offering the excuse that I was very often not able to attend meetings. Why did she ask me?  I then recalled that I had chatted to one of the ladies at our last meeting, (we had both been teachers) but I didn't know that she had also done a stint as Chairlady for two years). As it happened both the secretary and the treasurer had resigned at the same time. They already had volunteers for those positions. After a hectic family Christmas, we went on a local cruise with MSC up our West Coast for 5 days.  Let me say only that they had cut the ship in half and built in more cabins without extending any other facilities, so that there was dreadful queueing for food, theatre seats etc.  (Royal Caribbean forever!)  MSC is building another 12 cruise ships over the next few years (can it be greed?  They already operate 480 cargo ships).  Anyway, when we got back there was an e-mail waiting for me - would I again consider being Chairlady? After a couple of days, I thought I had a few ideas about how it could work if I was absent for any meeting, thinking to myself, well, they must now be desperate - how can I really refuse if no-one else will do it?  However, when I phoned back, I was told that a long-time member had agreed to do the job, but would I please be a Team Leader for the snacks, tasked also with remembering everyone's birthdays on my team (I don't do birthdays) and with finding a speaker twice a year.  (I know no-one in this town and I am not interested in food).  So more fool me.  I should have agreed in the first place.  I thought I would introduce the meetings with a few choice quotes from Shakespeare and other of my favourite authors.  Too late now.  Still, I am going to work on gathering suitable quotes for two years time - when I shall volunteer for the position of Chairlady. 


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    1. It's just the way life is, but thank you very much. It helps to laugh at oneself too.

  2. I also think this is funny! When I read your posts, sometimes I'm reminded of some of my own situations. This one reminded me of a request from my local library's committee - sort of like a Board of Directors. Anyway, as I love reading and libraries, I began to attend the meetings - consisting mostly of white-haired retirees. Just as I was about to commit to being an official regular, I was asked to help on a committee. Digital Marketing was what I was hoping, but when I heard Hospitality Committee (shopping for the cookies, drinks, etc, and setting the tables and atmosphere for events-and they do need help in that area)... well, let's just say, my enthusiasm disappeared.

    I had my kids late, so I still have one in high school. Basically, I am DONE with cookies and anything domestic!

    Oh... there's always next Christmas. :)

    1. Great to hear that someone else has had exactly the same problem.