Sunday, 29 January 2017

You Can't Win 'em All

My half-size plants

Grenadillas doing well - we have perhaps 100
I did have plants in all 3 beds - others dug up already
I am talking about spousal arguments.  My husband and I have had an on-going 'discussion' about what to plant in his/our 'flower' beds in our back garden.  He has been determined to have only vegetables while I have campaigned for some flowers as well, as my brother and his wife had promised to visit In February and I wanted something to look pretty in the back garden. I offered a compromise in the form of a row of short flowers at the front which would allow the grenadillas, fruit trees etc. to grow, supported by wires, up the wall. This started well, but unfortunately, owing to the now extremely rich, composted soil (designed for the fruit and vegetables), the Cosmos, requiring only poor soil, duly grew to about 6', and for a long time remained stubbornly green with no flowers. My husband has grumbled constantly about this, while I waited three months for the flowers and during which time, he claimed, the grenadillas were dying. This proved to be untrue (see pic) but he stuck to his guns, so I stuck to mine. This morning, feelings were running high again, so I decided to do the right thing and snuck outside to cut my beautiful flowers down to about 2' while my husband was in the shower. This, I felt, would show magnanimity on my part - I would prove to be the better person and would also give him a nice surprise.  I forgot that when I went into the shed to get the shears, the burglar alarm would go off, which it duly did. I dashed back to the house and up the stairs to grab his cell phone from next to our bed in order to answer when the Armed Response people phoned. When they did phone I was back outside and able to answer. I was throwing the cuttings over the wall,  (our house backs on to an open field area), when I heard an irate voice shouting from our dressing-room  (forgot he would be getting dressed by the window), asking why I was chucking my flowers over the wall when they would make perfectly good compost?  Surprise ruined, I was very annoyed with this ungrateful reaction. Needless to say, his next question was to ask why I was carrying his phone and I had to pretend I was helping by fielding possible calls while he was in the shower and I was in the garden.  Now I am faced with the difficulty of getting hold of his phone again to erase the call from the Alarm people in order to cover my tracks. Oh what a tangled web we weave.  The cherry on the cake is that my brother is not going to visit after all. Some big project has come up at work and he has to postpone his trip. 

Monday, 23 January 2017

Reluctant Chairlady (or She Who Hesitates is Lost)

I've always been a follower myself  (google pic)

I had only been a member of our local Ladies' Club for a few months when the outgoing Chairlady approached me and asked me to take over her post. She was returning to Scotland for her twilight years... Slightly staggered as I was so new, I dithered, offering the excuse that I was very often not able to attend meetings. Why did she ask me?  I then recalled that I had chatted to one of the ladies at our last meeting, (we had both been teachers) but I didn't know that she had also done a stint as Chairlady for two years). As it happened both the secretary and the treasurer had resigned at the same time. They already had volunteers for those positions. After a hectic family Christmas, we went on a local cruise with MSC up our West Coast for 5 days.  Let me say only that they had cut the ship in half and built in more cabins without extending any other facilities, so that there was dreadful queueing for food, theatre seats etc.  (Royal Caribbean forever!)  MSC is building another 12 cruise ships over the next few years (can it be greed?  They already operate 480 cargo ships).  Anyway, when we got back there was an e-mail waiting for me - would I again consider being Chairlady? After a couple of days, I thought I had a few ideas about how it could work if I was absent for any meeting, thinking to myself, well, they must now be desperate - how can I really refuse if no-one else will do it?  However, when I phoned back, I was told that a long-time member had agreed to do the job, but would I please be a Team Leader for the snacks, tasked also with remembering everyone's birthdays on my team (I don't do birthdays) and with finding a speaker twice a year.  (I know no-one in this town and I am not interested in food).  So more fool me.  I should have agreed in the first place.  I thought I would introduce the meetings with a few choice quotes from Shakespeare and other of my favourite authors.  Too late now.  Still, I am going to work on gathering suitable quotes for two years time - when I shall volunteer for the position of Chairlady.