Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Weird Thing About Plastic Surgery

An honest plastic surgeon!  (Google image)

I've just watched a TV show featuring Dolly Parton (as she is now).  I never quite realised what a tiny person she is, especially since she has had her famous assets reduced. She was asked how she maintains her look. She laughed her delicious, ageless laugh and put it all down to her good doctors.  As she has famously said,  "If I see it baggin' and saggin, I get it nipped, tucked or sucked right away." Apologies if this is not quite an exact quote. She calls herself a "Backward Barbie" like the song she wrote (and what a great songwriter she is). And how exactly like Barbie she looks, if a little drawn so tight is her face. It's a little weird to see her now, almost looking like she always has. Of course, it's different for celebrities who want to keep their fans happy or for anyone with money and a fear of visibly aging. Then I watched  British show a bit like "Grand Designs"; all the couples with amazing homes that were featured were clearly well-heeled pensioners, and all were still as nature intended, saggy chins, eyelids, wrinkles, the lot.  How weird they looked.  I thought found myself thinking, "they could at least have got their eyes done". How brain-washed am I? How I envy them, happy in their own skins.


  1. I haven't had any work done but it does seem as though there is something addicting about it because it seems some people can't stop.

    1. I had my eyelids done (while my husband was working) and in the doctor's rooms, with just a local anaesthetic. Ditto bags under my eyes a while later. Eyelids because I couldn't put my mascara on, and bags because everyone kept asking me if I was tired. (Of course, lack of self-esteem was the main reason.)

  2. I got my boobs done and my only regret was that I didn't get them done a lot sooner. I still wear sweatshirts all the time, I've never been one to show off (much). But let me tell you, I love them now. I fit into nicer, prettier shirts than I did as an A+ not quite a B.

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