Saturday, 17 December 2016

Seeing the Funny Side

Sorry - the nose hair images were gross! (Google)

When you are as big a fan of 'The Big Bang Theory' as we are, it becomes tempting to talk to each other as critically as they do, without ever taking offence.  I am reminded of an episode when Amy is offered her first-ever bikini wax by her friends in anticipation of her first sexual encounter with Sheldon, which he reluctantly agrees can be her birthday present from him, he will make a present of his 'genitals' as he puts it.  Our own conversation post-show went more-or-less thus:

Husband:  That reminds me, isn't it time you borrowed my nose-hair machine again?
Me: (annoyed) :  That's really romantic.  I suppose every time we make out you have been thinking my nose hairs are a metre long?  But since you mention it, can I also borrow your foot-sanding machine?
Husband:  I suppose you are implying that my heels are shredding the bed sheet again?
Me:  If the cap fits. Remember when your son-in-law suggested you must be careful not to trip over your toenails when you wear sandals?
Husband:   I'll get you the machines.  (A pause).  And a side-cutter for your nose hairs.

I wanted to be cross, but I packed up laughing.  

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