Friday, 18 November 2016

"Stand Up Straight!"

How many of us were admon
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ished by our mothers to do this as we grew up? Lately, I've been hearing it from all directions regarding anything to do with Lower Back Pain and My Husband.  For a long time, he has been complaining about his sore back, blaming it on everything from building little walls around our vegetables, lying on his side,  to possible failing kidneys (which - an expensive test later - proved to be fine). On his latest trip to his physician, his complaints were again aired, although he was only there to update his blood pressure pills. I could see the good man glancing at his watch, then taking a deep breath, and with a very firm instruction to lose weight, he also suggested that if one was overweight, one's posture was inclined to sag, leading naturally, to a sore lower back.  He recommended daily walks, concentrating on posture, which (he sounded quite dejected) most people forget about after the first five minutes. My husband was reluctant to believe these things, and so, while he has given in to some extent, is doing his exercises and we do walk almost every day, he now blames his back problems on our bed. We have four bedrooms in our house, three of which contain beds which we have in the past discarded because they were accused of causing sore backs.  Now, my husband has decided to swop over our current luxurious, well-padded bed with one of the others. He is waiting for small son to visit today to help him with this plan, because we have Queen-size beds and there is a flight of stairs to be negotiated. Hopefully, small son will not have a bad back after this exercise.  So we wait and see.  I don't sleep well on a firm bed (as at my daughter's house), but these days, I don't sleep well anyway, so it won't make much difference.  I fervently hope this fixes my husband's problem.  Maybe it's just psychological.  NB - I have noticed generally that it is mostly those who have been in the armed forces or done ballet training who walk up straight as a habit for the rest of their lives.  Or maybe it's just elderly people who are determined to fix their back problems. So what if everyone thinks we are just trying to be noticed.


  1. Hes not going to like this but Yoga will help. You can youtube videos, there are millions, find an easy one. Also, Planks will help a LOT. Just see if you (he) can hold one for 20 seconds and work up to a full minute.

  2. Oh, boy! Did I ever hear those words from my mother when I was growing up. My daughter would probably sat the exact same thing.