Friday, 14 October 2016

Being Related in a Small Town

'n draadkar - Afrikaans part of the country

I had the pleasure of meeting up with two of my three children and their families on our recent trip to the Karoo and a farm. We were off again to see husband's sister-in-law (Parkinson's) and brother-in-law (4th stage liver cancer, spots in lungs). Arrived to find them both joyful and feeling good - their kitchen now looks like a fresh produce stall as he has decided to ditch chemo this time and go the 'health food and cannabis' route. She is so busy looking after him that she has forgotten about her own problems (but does her exercises every day). It was school holidays so to take a break my son took his family for lunch in a small gift/coffee shop in one of the small towns en route. There he found the ideal present for his son's 4th birthday - a wire car.
Commandeered by my granddaughter but D didn't mind
He asked us to buy it for him on the way back to Cape Town so as to be a surprise so we had to confess we had ordered one at another venue, having had the same bright idea.  Traditionally, you buy these things, locally made originally for township children, on the side of the road, but they are not galvanized and so would rust within a week where we live. The 'shop' one has better wheels and is plasticized. We were leaving very early however, and would arrive before opening time. Not a problem: the shop is run by my sister-in-law's cousin's daughter and she arranged to have the toy delivered to the local garage and we could pay her later. This worked well: we picked up our little car shortly after sunrise and got home safely later in the day.  Come to think, we must have honest faces as once before on a wine farm in the Cape, the farmer's wife was selling patio furniture out of a converted barn. We bought a swing chair for our balcony (a lot more expensive than the car) and she suggested paying for it when we returned home as she didn't have a credit card machine.  Amazing. Good people out there.


  1. I've never seen such an interesting toy car. I'm sure your grandson will like it.

    And the farmer's wife... yes there are good people out there; including yourself, because I'm sure you've paid her. :)

    1. I meant to add that I hope the in-laws will continue to have good days.

    2. I am delighted to receive your comments, Anita. Thank you for your good wishes.