Monday, 4 July 2016

Warthog in the House

Introducing Bessie

This year while down on the farm we made the aquaintance of Bessie, a six-month-old warthog.  She was rescued in the veldt as a week-old orphan that just fitted into one's hand. Fed at first on soya milk, she soon thrived and developed a liking for anything that the family ate, especially sweets. The only things she does not like are bananas. As you can see, she has become the family favorite, even ousting the dogs from their favourite seat on the couch.  In the wild, she would be used to curling up with her family in a burrow but as it gets very cold in the Karoo at the moment, she gets spoiled with her own blanket in the lounge. She has not developed tusks yet, but is very loving and adores my nephew; she sleeps in his room and showers with him. Everyone ignores veiled hints at how nice she would taste on the Bar-B-Q at Christmas and indeed (despite appearances), she is actually quite appealing with long eye-lashes and tiny high heels, like a Barbie doll. 
As with most farm pets, the dogs, cats and now - warthog, all play nicely together. Wonder what they will have next year?


  1. Well that certainly is an unusual pet!

  2. Yes that one is a bit unusual.