Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Weird World of the Subconscious

'Emotion area' overdeveloped in me

You may remember my unfortunate reaction to my husband's 'speech' at the Christmas party last year? Yes, we sorted it out and I am supposed to be over it  (not 100% but most of the time I am).  The male species all just think I was over-reacting and I get that, but I am female after all.  So I decided to ask my brother-in-law's opinion of the story because he has known my husband all his life, at least since he was in short pants. So while we were down on the farm last month,  I got him aside and told him.  As I thought, he dismissed the episode as me having 'nothing to worry about'. However, I was not able to totally prevent a few 'ugly' tears (as Oprah would say.)  Imagine my surprise when we returned home a couple of weeks later and I had a vivid dream (not graphic though) in which I was led off to bed by my brother-in-law. I puzzled a lot over this because I have known him for nearly 40 years and although I am very fond of him, he is very far from the physical type that I would be attracted to so why would I dream this?  I wasn't even much impressed by his advice. My husband then happened to confide that he had a terrible dream in which our dear son-in-law had a mistress (he spends half the week away from home). As far as we know this has no foundation in fact, so I told my husband not to worry and told him (wickedly, hoping to make him jealous), about my own dream. Annoyingly, he had no visible reaction, so I don't know if this barb met it's mark or not. Still, it did remind to keep my own counsel about my own insecurities.  I am currently trying to develop an 'air of mystery and slight reticence' which is quite hard since my husband knows me far too well. As they say - marriage is a work in progress.


  1. That incident really did hit a deep vein of something in you. Almost as if it ripped a scab off a festering wound. It might be worth exploring the incident with a therapist so you can put it fully to rest?

    1. Not that it is any of my business.

    2. Oh I agree - the thought has occurred to me but I wouldn't be able to go without my husband knowing. You have probably guessed right - my insecurities go back to childhood and are actually nothing to do with him.