Saturday, 30 July 2016

Our Need for a Wire Less Intercom at Home

Communication between husband and wife

This topic may not strike any chords with American readers - I understand you have a much better telephone/mobile phone system than we do - meaning, you get a lot of free stuff? I have also heard that our mobile service is about the most expensive in the world, the service providers conniving with each other to keep our rates high.  We do actually have quite an amount of free telephone time over week-ends and evenings which we rarely use, unless to call relatives on birthdays, but we do need communication inside our house. The problem is we only had only one main line installed and use those little portable phones which have a main station and two satellites: we have these in the bedroom, kitchen and our 'hobbies' room.  These rooms are all upstairs and the phones work OK (we built for the view) but naturally, the garage and M's workroom are downstairs and the signal doesn't carry through our concrete ceiling.  I may add that most homes here are built of cement brick and ceilings between floors are a very solid "rib and block" design. So whenever M wants my attention, he has to open the garage door, walk down to the front gate and ring the doorbell.  I thought this works well but apparently he finds it irritating.  I can't see a problem as the only time I ever need to speak to him is to yell, "Dinner's ready!" down the stairs. But he convinced me that we must get a "Wire less Intercom" from and because he said it was a bargain, I agreed, mostly because it is exciting to get a parcel delivered to your door when you order on-line. A back-up argument was to remind me that he might, at any given moment, need emergency medical help (cf.previous posts/power tools). A couple of days after we had placed and confirmed the order, he received an SMS saying did the buyer realise he must have a pair of these for the system to work. I don't know what happened to my husband's brain that day, but we had no choice but to order another one, much to my disgust: very much no longer a bargain.  

Anyway, it duly arrived and is set up. Small disadvantage - not the perfect answer, as I move around upstairs and really should carry it around with me and plug it in wherever I am. Not doing it.  So it stays in the 'hobbies/computer' room where I spend a lot of my time and if I go somewhere else, I just call him up and say things like, "I'm outside hanging the washing for 10 minutes". What I am trying to avoid is him saying things like "How about a cup of coffee?".  Solution: do this with a good grace, reminding myself that I should be grateful that I am stil able-bodied' enough to run up and down stairs and that it is good exercise.  The funny thing is: M feels the need to shout into the machine - so that I hear him well wherever I am, wire less intercom or not.


  1. The first time he calls up and asks for a cup of coffee to be brought to him, are you going to ignore him and say you were going to the restroom?
    I live in Washington state and my cell service is free because I'm on my friends family plan. Her husband is a computer guy and I cost them $10 per month and have a cheap little phone. I don't use it to get online but I could if I wanted to, its not a smart phone. My husband has a monthly phone from Walmart, pays $45 for 'unlimited' internet that's is extremely limited.

    1. Very interesting. I think America has more free enterprise and a more competitive market than we do.