Monday, 23 May 2016

The Waiting Game

Meanwhile, Big son makes space in his garage it will be 9 weeks before we perhaps get our top-of-the-line Mercedes ML back from the sleek, sophisticated garage whence it has been languishing since the day we took it in for it's regular service - nothing apparently wrong with it. After the mechanics had finished doing a 'campaign' on it (don't ask me - I think it's about being a guinea pig because we have a maintenance contract so don't pay for anything except for diesel and tyres). After that - the engine refused to work properly. Since then, a new exhaust has been fitted, the catalytic converter has been fiddled with, the 'loom' changed. Still no progress. We have just waited three weeks for the 'correct' part to arrive from Germany. It arrived on Friday - but not the right part (bits missing, I gather!!!) Another two weeks....Meantime, we leave for the Karoo on Wednesday, with yet another vehicle, this time a hire car from Avis (supplied by Mercedes), because we have to have a tow bar.  When my husband first offered to bring all the wood etc. to refurbish my sister-in-law's farm kitchen, little did he know we would have all these car problems. Having loaded about half the wood yesterday, with our little trailer almost collapsing under the weight, we realised my brother-in-law would just have to come in his pick-up truck to fetch the other half from Big son's garage in Cape Town. He leaves the farm at 3.00 am tomorrow to do the 6-hour drive, then plans to return to the farm on the same day because they start shearing on Wednesday and he has to be there. I hope he makes it there and back in one piece, and also the cupboards' innards which have been cut to size and edged by our local hardware store.  Our trailer is still full with only the doors.  Similarly, I have had to wait nearly 10 weeks to get an appointment (21st June) to have an implant replaced in my mouth.  Our dentist tut-tutted when I showed him the offending tooth on 5th May - the screw-thing sheared off.  He is fed up with his German supplier and I have had to wait nearly two months for a new 'peg' to arrive from Germany.
Who was it that said, "All things come to those who wait" (Google answer: Violet Fane, 1892).  I hope this is true in our case. And what's happened to German efficiency?

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  1. I am exhausted for you! It seems the last time I visited, you had a mattress issue, which seemed to be more easily resolved than your current issues. However, you have a good attitude!