Sunday, 22 May 2016

Outwitting a 5-year old

Anything my brother can do..... paintball

This is not easy to do. Remember that cutie when she celebrated her 2nd birthday naked? Well, it was a very hot day and I probably shouldn't have posted that picture, although it wasn't all-revealing. Anyway, she is now 5 and we have just come back from a bout of baby-sitting during which it fell to me (hubby claims he had all the stress of driving the school run), to entertain her for the two afternoons. Grandson is not a problem, like all boys, he is married to his i-pad. So after both had been fetched from school and fed, she announced she would like to play chess with me.  I know she doesn't really know how to move the pieces, regardless of her exaggerated claims, but her brother plays chess at school so..... She began to set up the board with the white pieces in front of her. Having positioned the black ones, I noticed that my queen was missing. Strange, I thought, as my grandson is quite meticulous about packing away his things. On pointing this out, all I got was a shrug of her shoulders and a raising of the eyebrows. I decided it didn't really matter as it wouldn't be a serious game. However, afterwards I said we must go and search for the missing piece in the playroom.  When we went in and she watched me looking here and there unsuccessfully for a while, she could take it no longer,
 "It's under the couch,"  she said.  
"How do you know that?  You haven't looked anywhere yet."  
For once, no inventive answer. Ill-concealed guilty look. Gotcha. Considering how many times in two days she had me over a barrel with the convincing, "my mommy lets me" - and I fell for it, I regard this as a minor victory.  I have yet to discover where she keeps finding my daughter's hidden cache of marshmallows, but I'll leave that 'til next time. I find my preaching about "it doesn't matter if you lose, it's all about playing the game" has so far fallen upon stony ground.


  1. At that age, my daughter used to play a game with my mother. It was called, "Amy Wins!" That was the only hard and fast rule. She is a cutie.

    1. Hopefully this is a stage they grow out of.