Saturday, 14 May 2016

A Macabre Coincidence

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I have spent a couple of days looking for my make-up bag, the loss of which is traumatic for me as I don't step out of my house without my warpaint. As it is the same dark color as our car's carpets, I usually look there as a last resort as I often 'put my face on' in the car while my husband is driving. There is rarely anyone in the back seat and certainly not lately, however, I finally looked on the floor behind my seat. There it was, having slid from the front to the back when my husband braked a bit sharpish. It made me think of something I heard on our radio news that day: in America, 'another young woman' had been shot dead by her own toddler, not strapped in, who picked up her handgun which must have slid under the driver's seat to the back while her mother was driving. How tragic is that? Apparently, 250 grown-ups were accidentally shot by their own children last year.  Meanwhile, two notes to self:  1) I am very glad we don't own any handguns and 2) I must think about getting a brightly colored make-up bag.


  1. I darken my eyebrows and slap on some lip gloss. If I think of it. My daily hunt is for my glasses because I take them off at odd times and then can't see to find them again.

    1. My friend of 75 has just had both her cataracts done. She got such a fright when she first looked in the mirror, she was tempted to ask her doctor to put them back!

  2. How come you don't wear contacts? They are great.

  3. Glad you found your make up bag.

    Who in the world carries a loaded handgun in their car with a child? Tragic but amazing!

    Here is another macabre coincidence:

    From Center For Disease Control US Statistics for 2013

    Motor vehicle traffic deaths
    Number of deaths: 33,804
    Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.7

    All firearm deaths
    Number of deaths: 33,636
    Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.6

    1. I am delighted to see you back. Missed your always enlightening and informative comments.

    2. ......and I thought I only had a slim chance of being shot.