Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tragi-Comedy at the Crem.

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I promise this is a true story. Another of my sister-in-laws has retired happily to a small town in the middle of our country.  Last week she heard the following astonishing tale concerning the death of an old man of her acquaintance. Living alone on a remote farm, rarely in contact with his family, it was four months before it was discovered that he had died. Understandably, the authorities were in a hurry to bury his remains and so it was that there was a hasty service in the local crematorium, attended by his nearest relatives and a few others.  A short time after the coffin had been committed to the flames, there erupted a volley of what sounded like four gunshots coming directly from inside. Everyone was mystified until one of his sons remembered his father always carried a handgun inside his jacket and apparently his body was put into the coffin in the clothes in which he had been found. After his rather quiet life, that was quite a spectacular departure, don't you think? It caused quite an upset amongst the powers-that-be to the extent that there is an investigation after which it is to be hoped that after all the buck-passing, some-one will be hauled over the coals.


  1. That's carrying the right to bear arms pretty far.

  2. This fellow definitely went out with a bang...literally! Do you suppose there was any damage done to the crematorium? I agree someone is going to have to answer for the oversight.

    1. Maybe a few holes in the coffin. I didn't think of that possibility.