Friday, 15 April 2016

Liar, liar, Pants on Fire!

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I have perhaps all my life been honest to a fault (apart from those tiny white lies so as not to hurt people re hair/clothes etc.), so it went against the grain to be told by a friend, who is an agent for air freight, that I should not declare my sister-in-law's mobile phone as the contents of a parcel I am trying to get back to the farm for her. "No-one will touch it", were his words: it would never reach its destination. She had also left a small hairbrush behind and my husband therefore did a good job of parcelling up these items with lots of padding so it would not be obvious what was inside.  So there we were at the courier's office, telling them about the 'cosmetics' that had been left behind by a visitor. No problem, they said, they could certainly arrange for the parcel to be delivered via a complicated route, inexplicably first to the nearest airport, then by road, to a shop in their village for them to collect. Oh good, we said, relieved and handed over the parcel.  Now we were told that the parcel had to be opened to check it for drugs!  Caught in a lie, I am sure my cheeks, if not my pants, turned a perceptible shade of pink.  I looked helplessly at my husband. He made a decision and then confessed as to the real contents. The sympathetic lady behind the counter did not turn a hair and assured us that they post forgotten mobile phones back to their owners all the time and anyway, the parcels are scanned at the airport where it would be obvious that a phone was inside. We mustn't worry, she said, their parcels very rarely went missing.

So much for our friend's expert knowledge.  Parcel is due to arrive on Monday.....

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  1. So she was just pulling your chain about the drug inspection? Good think you are an honest person because it sounds as though you might be a terrible liar. ;-D