Wednesday, 20 April 2016

If Only......

Damage was something like this  (Google image)

I suppose it falls to all of us to dwell sometimes (uselessly) on the turns of fate when they affect us adversely.  Still, it is also therapeutic to retrace those fateful steps.  IF ONLY, my sister-in-law had not been with us so that we were too stingy to pay the extra $3 for her entry into our local game reserve, (we have an annual card and it makes a shorter route by 10 miles for us every time we drive through to Cape Town). IF ONLY, we had been driving our own (well-insured) car and not a loan vehicle from the garage where our car was in for a regular service.  IF ONLY, there had not been road works holding up the morning traffic in our small town, (which we would have avoided if we had gone through the park),  IF ONLY, the woman behind us while we waited at a Stop sign, had not got her shoe stuck between the brake and the accelerator and gone into the back of us, IF ONLY, we had not been driving a brand-new car, IF ONLY, the garage had not been self-insured, IF ONLY my husband had not assumed when he signed the agreement, that we would not be liable for the $1000 excess "in the event of an accident" with this loan car if we were the innocent party.  We have just received the bill for this excess amount. I can still stomach this, as we would have had to pay a lot anyway to add this loan car to our own insurance. To add to all this - the garage has discovered a mysterious fault in our Mercedes (which it didn't have before it went in), to the extent that they have now been working on it for 3 weeks, have replaced all kinds of parts, are waiting for a final part to arrive from Germany and the icing on the cake is that they are trying to say that we put the wrong kind of diesel into the tank which has caused the damage.  This - put to a man who has spent the last 23 years of his life in charge of a truck workshop and who has looked after his vehicle to the nth degree, especially seeing that the correct grade of diesel was put into the tank.

No-one ever said life would be fair.  You have only to listen to Bill Gates' famous speech.

The final insult is that they are trying to make us the guilty party and pay the repair bill of something approaching $10,000.  But they are still not sure what is wrong. And all we did was send our perfect car in for it's regular service under the Maintenance contract which states that all repairs and maintenance except for tires will be covered without charge for 8 years/or equivalent miles.


  1. Yikes! That is a lot of if-onlys. The major repairs to a working vehicle would make me very suspicious.

  2. Oh my, I hope this can be straightened out without huge cost. I must admit the required repair sounds rather fishy.

  3. It is hard to accept life's events sometimes. The mind wonders what we could have done differently, what would have occurred if circumstances were different and why did this have to happen? Maybe some parts of the story could have been changed if we had the chance to do it over again. Yet we cannot change the past.

    Joshua Duncan @ Focus Insurance Atlanta