Monday, 11 April 2016

Anyone know a blog for Parkinson's support?

My sister-in-law

It's been a tough couple of weeks, escorting my sister-in-law around various doctors, trying once and for all to diagnose the worrying symptoms she's had for the last couple of years.  People have been making their own silent conclusions but no-one has voiced anything aloud to her and in fact, we have all been side-tracked because she did have a bad fall and broke her knee-cap two years ago, and she also fell and broke her wrist - hence she did not recover full movement etc.etc.  The most obvious thing to most of us has been that she does not look like herself and moves slowly.  She has also developed a bladder problem for which the doctor recommended an enormously expensive battery pace-maker. Anyway, after a final referral to a neuro-surgeon from the hand doctor, we now have the unpalatable diagnosis and so we have all been in something of a state of shock. However, perhaps the diagnosis has been a relief after all the agonising uncertainty. She had all the classic symptoms. We try to be positive: at least it is not Altzheimer's and her brain functions as usual. Also, lucky for her, compared to most people, she has three house-maids on the farm and also a gardener.  But she doesn't 'do' Internet but I thought I could print and post here encouraging words from similar sufferers who compare notes on a blog. Any ideas?


  1. I know of no such blogs, but please give your SIL my best wishes. I imagine you all have such mixed feelings right now. Blessing.

  2. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has a blog on their website. Google Parkinson's Disease bloggers and you will find others. It is a sadly progressive disease but there are treatments that can slow the process. I hope there will be a cure someday.

  3. So sorry to hear of your SIL's diagnosis. Definitely try searching for Parkinson's Support group blogs and I'm sure you'll find many resources.

  4. Thanks everyone, I will follow up all suggestions.

  5. Googling for blogs that appear more personal, I found these. I only skimmed them, so I'm not sure about the content.
    Blessings and my very best wishes to your sister-in-law. You're good to care so much about her.

    1. It was a humbling experience. This is some-one I have known for nearly 40 years, so very active, capable, always rushing about catering for the multitudes. My thoughts all the time were - "It could easily be me". Thanks for the research. I'll definitely look into these. My SIL phoned today - she has braved the terrors of her new laptop, learned how to switch it on, and ventured to Google Parkinsons, but was put off because I think she only hit on the medical (scary) sites.