Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Swapping Secrets

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My visitors (two couples), of a week have just left, fortunately at the stage when we have run out of prepared food and entertainment ideas.  One of the nicest things however, has been that the weather has been gorgeous, our swimming pool seductively warm and plenty of sport on the TV, so every afternoon, towards sunset, my sister-in-law and her friend and I would relax, chatting, in the pool, fortified by white wine, which our husbands obligingly kept topped up so that we were never really sure how much we had consumed. They were in the house, far enough removed from us that we settled down each night to a lot of "girl-chat" in our watery environment.  My sister-in-law, I have, of course known for the length of my marriage, but their friends (who have bought land in our town and want to build here) I didn't know very well.  No matter: a lovely, friendly person she proved to be and I warmed to her, especially after we had confided a few 'secrets'.  She told us something so upsetting about her past that the two of us also felt motivated to confide things that we've never told anyone before. In fact, our tongues were so loosened, I am sure by the drink, that we all revealed much more than we should have.  We thus swore each other to eternal secrecy, felt so close that we would have made ourselves blood sisters had there been a knife handy. When they left this morning and we hugged, my new friend whispered in my ear, "At least our secrets are safe: we can never afford to offend each other: we know too much." That much is true, it's only that in the cold, light of day - I can't remember exactly what I said.

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  1. That's definitely a way to keep secrets safe--forgetting them entirely.