Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Porcupine has the Last Laugh

Google image

Very proud of his new acquisition, my husband was anxious to protect the spare wheel from the sun, so we went off to order a spare wheel cover.  It is much cheaper to get one with a logo on it (although my husband usually refuses to advertise for free)  - but money talks.  How we grinned when we found that the one that would come with a wheel of our specifications sported a picture of a porcupine! Incidentally, ours has not so far come back and so the trap has gone back to the farm and our front gate is welded up with aluminium strips to deter all unwelcome animal visitors.  Bother, copyright won't let me post the photo. Please Google at If not, I'll post my own pic when we collect it in two weeks' time.

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