Monday, 8 February 2016

At War with a Tortoise

One of our legitimate residents
Arrival of new front door

We noticed a fourth tortoise in our yard a few weeks ago.  He is caramel-colored whereas our residents are much darker. We also noticed that the interloper has chased the more timid others away and now walks around as if he owns the place. I keep finding him in my vegetables. How he climbs over the obstacles to get there I don't know, except I looked him up on the Internet, identified his species and noted that they are described as 'good climbers'. (Who would have thought?)  Anyway, when I found my prize melon chewed all over even though it is far from ripe, I really got cross, lost it, picked him up and threw him over the wall into the veldt.  Blow me - next day he was back (they crawl under our motor gate).  Again, I threw him over the wall, as far as I could though a twinge of conscience wouldn't let me go the whole hog and throw so that he would land on his back. Needless to say, the next day he was back, hiding under a deck chair in our pool area, staring at the guys who were installing our new glass front door. 
Nasty, sneaky, climbing Interloper
Typically, the whole area was full of tortoise pooh as he had once again, fallen down the step and couldn't get out. Now I was beside myself: this was war.  In the end, my husband asked these guys if they would load him up on their pick-up-truck and deposit him somewhere on the road on their way back to their depot - about 15 miles.  They said they would but in fact left him on the Golf Estate, the other side of town - about 5 miles away where they went to another job.  I am not convinced he won't return, except that he might think he is now in heaven as the estate is lush and green whereas the surrounding countryside is now in a state of drought. We wait and see.

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