Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blanket Opinion

Clearly a Scottish dog (Google)
It wasn't quite a blanket opinion at our Book Club meeting, although most members admired my effort with gratifying compliments.  However, on arrival, I had folded it up and placed it in the basket in which all the wool had been given to me, in order to return the basket.  To my surprise, my best friend, whom I consider to be a person of great intelligence made a mystifying comment:

"Oh, they will love it!"  (They?  The lady in question lives alone)
"Who are 'they'?" I enquired.
"Well, her dogs, of course".   

I was momentarily gobsmacked, not to say insulted.

"It's not for the dogs ", I said, quite crossly.  She, of course, apologised profusely when the full extent of my effort was spread out. 

In mitigation of her unwitting offence, I remembered the important place my friend's own dog occupies in her house. In her defence, it is actually her husband who is besotted with him: I counted at least 15 balls scattered around their yard the last time I visited. He is a labrador rescue dog, quite adorable but very spoilt.  The husband in question even writes a blog about the dog's life with the dog as the narrator.  I understand there is an enthusiastic following for this blog. So it wasn't very surprising after all, that my friend assumed my gift was for the lady's dogs.  QED. I therefore can forgive her.


  1. That's funny...the kind of funny that is only so if it happens to someone else.

  2. Years ago my wife crocheted blankets for her nieces. The next time we visited her sister in law went out of her way to make sure that my wife saw that the blankets were being used as rugs in the girls play house. Needless to say, my wife never crocheted anything else for the ingrates.

    1. Children often behave like dogs. They have to be taught repeatedly to appreciate fine art.

    2. Oh it wasn't the children. It was the mother. My wife and I are not near hoity-toity enough for that clan. And the children learned their lessons well and as adults are worse than the mother was. Ass in the air bitches.