Saturday, 19 December 2015

Another style of House

It's tin roof and color remind me of our old mining towns, the small pool is surprisingly  cold (evaporation)

I have another sister-in-law, who is very talented, paints beautiful pictures, does stained glass, delicate patchwork, sequin-embroidered clothing etc. etc.  In her spare time, she goes hunting either with her rifle or her camera, and has a trophy for Best Lady Hunter of the year for their district.
My husband sits in the bright kitchen area - you can see the roof
Privately, I think this is an interest she has developed in order to share an activity with her husband for I don't believe that in her heart she really likes shooting the animals but she does love hunting on her own, crawling through the bush, encountering snakes, imitating buffalo snorts, gathering tics inside her clothes, taking photos of butterflies and so on. A complicated character: she has confessed she prefers animals to people; her house has two bedrooms. 
One of the coffee tables - no room for coffee
When they retired to this very northern, very hot, small town, the design of the house was hers.  Hence it has an unusual cathedral ceiling-type feel to it as you walk in the door and behold a vista which takes your eye straight up to the domed roof over the lounge, with only the small mezzanine (her work area) as a token upstairs. Houses in South Africa are almost all built of brick. The rest of the house is ground floor and bears testament to M's talents and preferences in every area.  She loves tiny things and every available surface with the exception of the kitchen area but  especially small tables and window ledges, is crowded with stuff she has collected and loves. With her permission, I took a few photographs of her home as they are so far away, we rarely get the chance to visit.
M's workroom - the mezzanine area
Almost all the pictures have been framed by her (equally talented) daughter.


  1. That's beautiful. I have no talent, all my decorating is copied from Pinterest and my home looks more like its filled with junk.

    1. Very much ditto this side.

    2. My house is filled with junk! So be it.

      But as I said in the following post, and here is an example, our homes are so much more than just shelter.

      In my case it is shelter and a private scrap yard and second hand book shop in which nothing is for sale. Trying to shove 10,000 square feet of junk into 1000 square feet...well you get the idea. You would probably look at my house and say, why does your lawn shed have so many rooms?