Friday, 18 December 2015

A Way of Life/Farming in the Karoo

My husband and brother-in-law in front of the lounge
Actually, I just thought you might like to see a couple of photos of my nephew's farm house.  Probably 200 years old with very thick walls. As these homes stand alone, it is very deceiving how big they are inside.  One can easily sleep a whole family with double beds and singles in all the 5 bedrooms.  This house belonged to the 'old people', my nephew's grandparents: I think they started the farm. My sister-in-law and her young husband (she was 19 and he 21), built a small more modern dwelling for themselves when they got married, about 1/2 mile away, the old people retired and moved into the village and their old house gradually went into a state of decay and was used for storage.
The previous front of the house

When this latest generation married, their father was still farming so the old house was renovated for them. Now after 50 years of marriage, my sister-in-law has been asked to swop homes with them because all the main farming buildings are more conveniently situated near to the 'new' house.
Relaxing under the wisteria on a hot day
Also, at 72, her husband is starting to take a back seat in the daily running of the farm although he is still very much involved on the admin side. She is rather sorry about this move - people come from all local Garden clubs to see the garden she has established, but she is philosophical about the change and tries to see it as a new challenge. One thing she is having done is revive what I always thought of as the back of the house.
Local builders work on Sunday and camp on the farm
To my amazement I have never realised in over 35 years of visits that we always went in at the 'back door' on the other side.  Everyone did. In fact there was no road in the 'front'.  As you can see, the steps are being retiled and a bar-B-Q area has been built on the corner.  It will be restored to its former glory once the ground road has again been graded and cleared of bush.


  1. I love to see old building being restored to former glory.

  2. Our 'new' farm was built in 1978; the house is in fantastic condition but we've still had to do a LOT of work outside. My inlaws think they will be coming to live with us...

    1. Ah yes, depending on the number of bedrooms you have. We purposely built 4 in our retirement house. Consequently, we have a lot of very welcome visitors. I have one cousin, who retired to a house with two tiny bedrooms (not wanting visitors, the one being her sewing room). However, her son came to stay with his wife and two children - they brought sleepig bags and the children slept in the passage.