Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Funny Thing about Crime Fiction

Another great favorite

One thing my husband and I do share is a love of crime/thrillers - as long as they do not take place in our own back yard.  We have a very good local writer, Deon Meyer, who sets his stories in Cape Town - but it makes for uncomfortable reading (does all that terrible stuff really go on right under our noses?)  I love Donna Leon's books - she writes about Detective Brunetti who lives in Venice (which we have been to as tourists and therefore enjoy the references to street names, food  etc.) - I also love the way a cell phone is known as a 'telefonino' - thankfully, we live far away from that corrupt state!  I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland for five years as a student:  good job it is forty years later before I discovered that excellent writer Stuart MacBride and his detective Logan Macrae, who is always in trouble with his superiors for his maverick ways and who crusades against drugs and sex crimes, particularly against children. A great favourite of course, is Lee Child and his tall, hunky and very sexy Jack Reacher (how could they cast Tom Cruise in that role??); happily, all that bad stuff happens in America (how can a Brit write so well about the US scene?). There is one exception to my rule: I took a book out of our library at random - just because it was written by Ranulph Fiennes, brother of Ralph of whom I am a great fan. It is called 'The Sett',  about a very ordinary citizen, an accountant by trade, who witnesses bad goings-on at a badger's sett in his neighborhood: his wife and daughter are in fact killed by these bad guys and the accountant enters a decades-long course of vengeance to seek them out.  I was enthralled and horrified as the tale went on, hurtling around the world, involving Arabs, Jews, Jamaicans, you name it - and then amazed to discover in the middle of the book, pages of black and white photographs featuring some of the main 'characters' when they were captured by the police. Clearly, a work of 'faction' then.  Happily, it is more than forty years since I have lived in the UK.

I am so glad I live far away from all that crime. Huh, who am I trying to kid?


  1. I love to read; Stephen King, Lee Child, and right now the book One Year After. Don't know who its by but it is the sequel to One Second After and I LOVED that book.

    1. Hope it is thriller and not soppy love story?

    2. Oh, and have you read "Pilgrim' - best thriller of two years ago?

  2. I got away from thrillers years ago because they punished my body too much. If I had to do anything besides read the book (work, eat, sleep, conjugal duties) I got in a foul mood. I would "one more chapter" myself and end up trying to run on one or two hours of sleep. I read one every once in a while now, I can still get into them but not like when I was younger.

    As far as moving to a crime free area, may I suggest Antartica.