Sunday, 1 November 2015

People are More Important than Things

This was one of the maxims my mother-in-law was fond of quoting and my husband has certainly taken it to heart especially re cars: he always says anyone we trust can borrow our cars as they are comprehensively insured. So what if they have an accident? It's just a piece of machinery, as long as no-one gets hurt. He has become more reluctant to lend his tools though as they have a habit of being returned damaged or sometimes not at all. In a vaguely parallel case, I heard myself telling my sister-in-law who has had to scale down because of moving from a farm to a retirement village, that I would love to have one of the tapestries she made many years ago, although I don't really have a square inch of suitable wall space. I felt sorry for her that not one of her own children would take one: they are rather large and I fear, old-fashioned as far as 'minimalist' youth is concerned, however, I have always admired the workmanship, especially in the face and neck area which is executed in very tiny stitches. I thought I could squeeze the picture in between the two seascapes which I like very much as they were painted especially for my husband by a good friend who hadn't long to live. Now I have a lasting reminder of my sister-in-law too. I did much prefer the 'lighter' look of the wall with only the other two pictures, but ach, people are more important than things. ...And she is certain to visit us soon.