Friday, 27 November 2015

Murphy's Law or perhaps a Logical Explanation?

We went for a bracing walk this morning (nice now that hubby comes with me), and had decided to shower when we got home.  This we duly did: it was only because I washed my hair today that I realised as I rubbed an eye to get some shampoo out of it, that I hadn't removed my contact lenses. Well, make that one that survived: the left one, of course.  Naturally, since I had put a new lens in my right eye the day before, it would be that one that got pushed out in the shower.  In fact, when accidents happen, they are usually to my right eye. You get six lenses in a box (and expensive they are too). I now have 5 spare lenses for my left eye and now only 1 for the right (early yesterday morning, there were 3 in that box). Now I have 1 spare left until the Medical Aid kicks in in January. How come I have so many of the left eye remaining? I have a theory.  I am right-handed; therefore perhaps the most vigorous arm movements that come near my face come from the right side.  Witness the time I was brushing my hair, missed and knocked the lens from my right eye on that occasion, first brushing from the left down to the right. Similar things have happened in the past to account for this state of affairs. Of course, it doesn't work with teeth.  If anything were to happen to my teeth it would be to those on the left as I start brushing on that side. And it doesn't work with sore knees: my particular sore knee is the left one which surely takes the least strain going upstairs etc. I usually lead with the right leg which has no pain at all. So why is that? I don't know but I think my theory works as far as the eyes are concerned. Note:  both lenses are very resistant to the production of copious amounts of tears when I watch my favourite tear-jerker movies. As long as I keep my hand away from my eyes. Which I do because I get much mocked by my husband whenever I cry in a movie/listen to a choir of small children/Christmas carols etc.... It's something to do with menopause. Nah, that's a lie: I've always done it.


  1. Knee strain comes from going down rather than up. I used to love hill-climbing, and I could still do it too if I didn’t have to come back down. So, do you put the same knee first on by the incline and the decline?

  2. I have not worn contacts for years now but I still have dreams about losing them.

  3. I found going downstairs backwards really helpful for knee pain. Doesn't work coming back up. Be sure to survey the steps prior to going down and hang on to the railing.

    If your husband mocks you for crying at tear jerkers, imagine the fun he could have with me. I have pseudo bulbar affect from MS. Funerals and sad movies make me cry whether I want to or not. The guy in the control room has lost the circuits to the valves for tears, and must sit back and watch me make an ass of myself. It also has a rage component so be careful!

    1. What you have is caused by a disease, but it's also true that most women simply cry more easily than most men, and it has nothing to do with strength or weakness.

      I tend to cry more easily than my wife, which is often the case as men age, but I also cry at different things. For example, she can cry when she’s angry, something that is utterly foreign to my experience.

      I think it’s shameful for anyone to make fun of another person’s tears because it only serves to push feelings underground.