Thursday, 19 November 2015

Building an Owl House

Spirit levels can be over-rated

One of my husband's pet projects came to fruition this week. He has always wanted to build an owl house and put it up in the garden in the hope that, as we live near a National Park and very near to an area of veld behind our house, owls would move in.  There is a side benefit to this project - a few more pieces of wood have been utilised from his garage and therefore a little bit more space has been created inside. On the down side, his nail-gun of forty years vintage has finally called it quits and money has to be found to buy a new one. Screws had to be used instead. However, I have sympathy for him as he told me 3/4 of the time spent on the project was trying to fix the nail gun. The completed house was erected yesterday and to my great consternation, the pole underneath is 3 metres high!!  I had imagined something the height of a bird bath, so that I could observe comings and goings from my kitchen window and when the opportunity presented itself, I could sneak a peek at the adorable babies. Seems that I know nothing about owls. My husband informs me that his Internet search dictates the height of the house and its design and my own research indicates that there must be access for a 'direct flight path' and the construction must be placed in a quiet area, sheltered from wind and sun.  That is a tall order in our small back yard, where grass must be mowed underneath and where the South-Easter howls for most of the summer. It has been placed in an optimum position for these conditions. My sister-in-law (from the farm) reminded me of the year we climbed up into the barn to look at the baby owls there: she said it was quite a busy place and the owls did not mind too much.  I live in hope. Two days now - still looking for tenants.  I hope we don't get pigeons.

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  1. Cool! I have never heard of an owl house. Sounds like something from Harry Potter.

    I hope you get some residents and not too many pellets.