Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Aah sweet .......spotted in the veld behind our house

Sometimes you wake up in the morning, look out of your window and get lucky.  This little buck, called a "Steenbokkie" (in Afrikaans, I don't know the English) was snapped enjoying the morning sun.  Like our tortoise (who thinks he is an ostrich when he hides behind a brick), the buck thinks no-one can see him.  Actually, all the colors were a little paler but I pressed 'enhance' on the Edit function and can't seem to cancel it.  Maybe it looks alright on the blog. Try as I might, I couldn't zoom in any closer on the Edit function, perhaps because the camera was already on full zoom to take the shot. I see the photo still looks funny at the top. Don't know what I did. I think it was a 'screen shot'.


  1. well, it was quite a treat to see.

  2. The tiny spikes for horns crack me up. Good photo.

    1. Yeh, don't think he'll scare anyone much with those.