Monday, 26 October 2015

They were here first....

On the way to the veggie patch
Whenever I get cross with our tortoises for doing their best to penetrate the defences around my vegetable seedlings, I remind myself that long before we bought our plot of land and built our house - they were here first.  Indeed, they or their kind have been here since the dinosaurs, haven't they? So I should treat them with deference and preserve a small area of my garden full of their favorite plants (except for my marigolds). This makes for a patch that looks really untidy and neglected but at least it is up a corner and not occupying the entire back yard, unlike my friend's, whose husband is a 'green conservationist'.  Their back yard is simply 'preserved as is': even their pool, which should have been lovely as it is a two-tier affair with a waterfall,  looks unappetisingly green, nay, brown in parts, with a 'raft' of lillies and things in the middle for the frogs. I wouldn't swim there but I don't think they swim.
We found a large, brown mole dead in our pool the other day.  I don't feel so kindly towards him, as he is responsible for the death of a number of our plants. Still, he is quite pretty (when dead) - I can see why moleskin is popular for making wallets and things. We threw him over the wall into the veld, but that wasn't a good idea as we were soon beset by flies. My husband had to go back and bury him. On balance though, I sympathise greatly with the natural world: before 'we' came along, nature was finely balanced, perhaps in quite a harsh way, survival of the fittest and all that, but at least there was enough space and food for everyone. I sometimes wonder about the length of the road we have traveled concerning 'human rights'. It often seems that the criminals have more rights than the law-abiding. One thing for sure: we have done a good job of over-populating the planet.


  1. Overpopulating is probably what humans have done best.

  2. Wow the moles in your neck of the woods get rather large. I don't think I have ever seen one much larger than a very small mouse.

    Interesting thoughts on nature and human rights.

    1. We have even bigger ones! Look like beige-colored furry squirrels or meerkats