Saturday, 17 October 2015

Cleaning Windows - and the Effect on A Reluctant Housewife

As we now live in a double storey, free-standing house and I can't clean the upstairs windows outside, at least not without contorting myself from the inside and finding that I should have planned the opening sections for a right hand to curve round instead of a left - I have indulged in the luxury of a 3-monthly paid clean of all the outside windows.  There is only one window cleaner in our small town and he is very busy:  I haven't been able to get him to commit to a regular date, I have to haphazardly text him when I guess he may not be as busy as usual. This means that he arrives all of a sudden and I have to hare around closing the curtains before his 6-man crew swarm about with their ladders and catch us either in the shower, getting dressed or having breakfast. (He usually comes early). Also, being of a suspicious nature, I can hardly believe that they can finish in 10 minutes flat (which they do) and so I am obliged to go around checking their work after they have gone. This is only viable if I have cleaned all the inside windows myself just before they come or at least the day before, otherwise I can't know if the marks I am seeing are on 'my' side or 'theirs'. As you may know, I am possibly the world's worst housewife: I wouldn't normally notice any dirty windows until I actually can't see out, so it it takes a seismic event to make me tackle the whole lot in one day.  Why doesn't my husband do it, I hear you ask?  I guess it has always been my job while he was working (then we lived in a bungalow) and now that he doesn't, I have to confess he does more than his fair share of the jobs around the house. The dishwasher does the rest. I have perfected my method though: it involves a squidgee, dishwashing liquid, a very wide rubber scraper, a razor blade and a large pile of hand towels.


  1. I washed windows once since we moved in 9 months ago, dislike that job. And then I only did the windows on the front of the house.

    1. Aha! Worried what the neighbors will think.

  2. I only have 6 windows in my entire house...and then there is the sun room that is entirely windows. I've yet to find someone who will clean them for a reasonable price so once a year I tackle them myself. I hate it because I've yet to find a way to keep them from streaking.

    Your window guy sounds like he has it down pat!

  3. Fortunately our windows are easy and not many. Nevertheless, I don't clean them that often. If it bothers the neighbors all the better. My spot lights do not shine in their windows. My non-existent dogs do not bark all hours of the day. My mufflers do not roar. We never toot our horns when leaving. We don't work on cars out in the street constantly. The list goes on. If my less than spotless windows provides some irritation, then job well not done.