Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Possible Backfire of the Stickeez Craze

Nightmare for a mom - 3 stickeez needed
We have three major competing supermarkets in South Africa and marketing campaigns are typically aimed at children. The latest hype has been to earn one Stickee character (dispensed at the till by the cashier in closed packaging) for every roughly $16 dollars of spend. They are about an inch high. Here, that means it is an upmarket deal which is driving mothers and children into a demented frenzy to complete their sets. I am staying with my daughter for three days and accompany her on the school run. I am flabbergasted to witness the pocketfuls of stickeez which are frantically produced to swop in the few moments before the children go into their classrooms. Same in the parking lot, same in the supermarkets. All you hear are shouts of: "Has anyone got Cheesey/Froggie/Cow? al". My daughter is class rep and she confesses that at their last meeting, she was scarcely able to concentrate on her agenda as she spied a mom rifling through her Stikeez, revealing one that my granddaughter coveted. She also caught said potential criminal with a suspiciously increased collection one afternoon after a playdate. A lengthy Interrogation finally prized the info from my 4-yr old angel that she had swopped the adhesive name tags over and effectively stolen her friend's superior collection. The swop was reversed, apologies made and punishment effected. But still. Need I say that grandmothers have been roped in as well.  Yesterday, I heard that this deal ends on the 20th September but a new one will start!  I casually mentioned this to my daughter and daughter-in-law who were engaged in the daily Stickee Swop. I was met with two horrified faces and then one said:  "That's it! I'm never shopping at Pick n Pay again, I'm going back to my old store."


  1. Honestly, it sounds like a training program for criminality--drug trading and theft.

  2. Nothing like collectoritis to drive ordinary people whacko. We had pogs and Teeny Beanies at McDonalds.

  3. My dad collected coupons from Kellog's Cornflakes and got a marvellous collection of Dinky-type delivery vans of the 1940s. I've still got them - waiting to be framed. Can't let the kids play with them.