Monday, 3 August 2015

Worst Wedding Cake Ever

A bit blurry, but you get the picture

Shame, while watching the video of my dear friends' long-ago wedding, I couldn't help but giggle at the close-up of the wedding cake. What on earth?  I now see why my friend's face is so glum for most of the video.  a) her shoes were too tight and hurt  b) her period chose to arrive that day  and c) that cake!  Apparently, she had seen a picture of a 'sugar fountain' cake and wanted the same.  In fact, the cake didn't even make its dramatic appearance until half-way through the reception (one can surmise why, I think).  A few comparison spring to mind - I have finally settled on 'a petrified forest'.  I do hope she forgives me as I was eventually laughing with tears rolling down my face. Actually so was she.  It is 41 years later, after all. Much the same happened to us at my daughter's wedding. I had made a 3-tier carrot cake to be assembled at the venue and decorated round the edges with fresh flowers by the florist when she did the tables. Imagine my disbelief when we arrived with our guests to find the cakes placed separately flat on the table and with scarcely a leaf to disguise my rough edges.  Had she run out of flowers? Lesson: I should have supervised everything myself.

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  1. It is pretty blurry but it looks vaguely obscene. I see a male skink having a go at a lady frog wearing a tiara in the standing position.