Thursday, 13 August 2015

Women's Month - August in South Africa

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We have a special Public Holiday dedicated to this on 10th August. This year it happened to almost coincide with our Book Club night (ladies only, of course), and we had quite a serious and quiet discussion about women's lives in Afghanistan and similar places where women have a very bad time. Some of our group had very telling personal stories to relate. Feeling that the mood had become too sober, one of our number told a joke which provoked a loud burst of laughter. This disturbed the noisy slumber of our hostess's two French bulldogs who had been snoring on her lap.  Shocked from sleep, they leapt up, raced to the window and barked hysterically, clearly on the look-out for intruders. She was then inspired to show us the perambulator (baby carriage?) she had bought for them to take them for walks (?).  Apparently, they can't keep up with her super-fit self (she's just returned from walking the Camino in Spain), so she jogs with them behind the pram until they get tired, then pops them inside for the rest of the trip. From another angle, Woman's month has proved very nice for my daughter. Her husband won a 5-day golfing trip to Mauritius (partners go with and get spoilt).  So we are baby-sitting again which we are quite enjoying as we now know the drill.  Woman's Day was celebrated at her son's school with tea and cake, and the boys got to give their mothers a manicure and present them with a laminated picture they had designed. In one corner were displayed some Q's and A's the boys had to answer relating to their mother.  One particularly caught my eye.

Q  -  What does your mom like to do in her spare time?
A  -  She goes away on holiday.

C is 7.


  1. That is a very nice holiday. Do the boys actually do the manicure? That must be interesting.

    Enjoy the baby sitting!

    1. Yes, it's deliberate. Sort of a 'respect your mom' thing.

  2. Back home tomorrow - got to find ways of cleaning mould off net curtains first - re flat we rent out. In Winter, it is often closed up with no ventilation. So far I have googled lemon juice and vinegar........meanwhile have to put up new curtains every few months...