Thursday, 27 August 2015

Walking in Wild Flowers

This morning - walking in the wild
It's flower season again on the West Coast.  As our house is closed up while they paint, my husband has been keen to walk every day with me, especially as there is as yet no wind here and the scenery is beautiful.  Here's a pic of today's walk, hot off the press, how lucky are we? This is a couple of hundred yards from our house.
See the plots being cleared at the back

Indian ocean in the background
You had to show your Wild card in the picture
I guess every part of the world has it's moment and this is ours.  Visitors come from all over the world to visit this area but it's a gamble to arrive when the various climatic factors have brought out this bevy of beauty.  According to temperature and rainfall, different seeds germinate at different times, first usually come the orange and white daisies, then the pink flowers and shrubs and lastly the lovely blue. And of course, on a rainy day - most of them close up and you can't see a thing. This part of the park is only open to the public in August and September. We are so lucky to live here. What's more, when my husband consents to come along, we walk much further with each other to talk to. No matter that various parts of our legs hurt on either the uphill or the down - we take no notice. The other pics we took are part of a competition run by our National Parks: we are hoping to win this quarter and get our entrance fees paid for next year. Wish us luck.


  1. You are lucky indeed! Thos fields of flowers are just gorgeous.

  2. Wow! That is amazing. I experienced the same thing the last year I was in the Mojave Desert in California. For two years it was nothing but barren scrub. We had a couple days of light rain in February and the desert floor just bursted alive with wild flowers later that spring. Amazing all that life out there just waiting for as you say the right conditions.

    Very beautiful.