Monday, 31 August 2015

That Elusive Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor images were too gross

When I used to drive more than I do now, I tried to perform a few pelvic floor exercises whenever I was stopped at a red robot.  I don't any more. For one thing, the agonised screwing up of my face while I was trying to isolate this muscle,  used to concern motorists and I picked up some very odd looks. Since I hardly drive any more (I would rather knit/crochet on our long road trips), I have forgotten all about this very essential muscle.  Until my sister-in-law started having incontinence problems. I suddenly remembered how very inconvenient this can be, when your urethra straightens out, no longer having a useful S-bend as happens so often with age and/or child birth. I did have mine fixed many years ago, but I got bronchitis a week later and coughing undid the good work.  So now, as a passenger in our car, I am trying again to improve matters as I am well aware that when the children ask me to jump on the trampoline, unless I have emptied my bladder within the last five minutes, I am asking for trouble. Maybe I shouldn't expect to jump on the trampoline at my age, but then again, why not?  Hopefully, it will just take a little regular effort which will pay dividends in the long run.


  1. Why not indeed! Have all the fun you can and the grand kids will think you are cool.

  2. Are you referring to Kegels?

    They are a wonderful exercise, although do note the mention of it being less helpful for severe leakage and not doing the exercise while urinating. I have read that Kegels will also help with uterine prolapse.

    For the guys Kegels can help with those equipment failures noted a few posts back.

    I have an odd way of doing Kegels, when I read some mention of them I will do them for about a week and then forget to keep doing them. Probably not how it should be done.