Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Very Funny Lion story

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During the first week of our trip we met up with my oldest brother-in-law and his wife: their favorite holidays are to go camping in the Kruger Park which is near to their home. Their traveling companions are invariably their good friends, Pete and Jenny. Pete is quite a character and can be a bit naughty at times. One day they came across a lion family peacefully enjoying their lunchtime siesta lying flat-out a little way off in the veldt. Wanting a decent photograph, they needed the lions to stand up, so Pete had the good idea of aiming his catapault at the large male. I will give him the benefit of the doubt as to where he aimed but the result was he hit the lion in the testicles so that the lion leapt up, growling furiously and lashed out at the nearest lioness with a very large paw. Why do women always get the blame? I can just imagine her thoughts: "What did I do this time??"

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  1. Your friend has more balls than I got. I ain't wailing nothing at a lion. Great story.