Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Thought for the Day

A hopeless dream

You sometimes find in one of these cutesy souvenir/craft shops a written legend which affirms your belief that you are not alone, neither are you crazy.
To date (37 Years) I have not ever managed to get either of my sons or my husband to replace a used toilet roll, even though they know (or they should by now) that new ones are to be had in the cupboard adjacent to the toilet. All you gals out there will know what I mean when I describe the frustration of having perched and produced and having reached out for the toilet roll - nothing!  I have never learned to look first.  
I found this placard in a neighborhood shop:

"Replacing the empty toilet roll will not cause brain damage."

I can now relax.  Others are clearly in the same boat. We are off on a trek around the relatives tomorrow.  We shall be away for three weeks.  Big son is making his way home tomorrow....Check you when we get back.....


  1. Have a great time on your journey!!
    and get rid of that toilet paper holder, get one that the roll just slips easily onto. Look for a holder that has room for 2 so when one is empty there is still paper for you.

    1. I will look for one that holds four and stands on the floor! Thanks

  2. I put the rolls of tp on a plunger next to the toilet seems to work for my hubs, after nearly 41 years of marriage he replaces the rolls now..cause he is trying to be more thoughtful and have some tp when he needs it..ciao!

    1. I have great hopes that this will happen to my hub too. As soon as he has nothing better to do. Meanwhile both sons have moved out.

  3. I don't know, we can be trained. Apparently, my wife trained me years ago. Not an issue in our house.

    Perhaps one positive thing about arthritic knees, when either of us have to go down in the basement to fetch something, we take a good gander around and try to bring up as much stuff as possible.

    Have a good trip.