Sunday, 19 April 2015

Having Visitors

I guess you don't need to be old - Daily Mail, UK

I like having visitors, make no mistake, it's just that the ground rules of politeness and etiquette have to be carefully followed so that no-one misinterprets anything.  Let me explain: it's quite easy with family - my children simply take over my house with my grandchildren and everyone does their own thing. I clear up after they have left. The main benefit is that everyone understands that we have a nap in the afternoons and we go to bed at 9.00pm.  My close relatives also get this - in fact, they taught us to have afternoon naps, they are a bit older than us and when they visit - naps are a given all round. Also, my brother-in-law feels no embarrassment at 9.00 pm or even 8.30 in announcing that he is going to bed. This is great as it means we can also go to bed at our normal time. We currently have dear friends visiting for a week and we have known them for nearly 40 years. Precious they are indeed.  However, when we were young we lived in the same city and visits were limited to an evening or an afternoon. Now we discover that they are late night birds who don't even have afternoon naps. (How do they manage?) This means that we spend evenings desperately trying to disguise our yawns and drooping eyelids and afternoons seeking frantic activity in order to keep ourselves awake. These lovely people say they have come to visit us and would be very hurt if we suggested they take their hired car and go off on their own for a bit. Luckily, they did ask if they could visit because they had to fly down for a wedding and so they have been wonderful with chipping in for food/outings etc. and we have had the week-end on our own while they went to the wedding. This is really a quiet backwater where we live now so we did all the 'main attractions' in one day last week. The last couple of days we shall spend in Cape Town at our little flat (currently unoccupied) so we can visit the children, sightsee, no problem.  I just wish that all the attractions which advertise 'pensioner discounts' would not limit them to impossible times and only one day a week - Friday. To go up the cable car on Table Mountain is R225 return for adults (book online) and R95 for pensioners on Fridays - at the ticket office only.  We'll be in Cape Town on Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh well.... I think we will manage a pensioner discount for lunch at the Spur.


  1. I agree with you on the afternoon naps, they are so good that they should be subject to taxation. However if I went to bed at 9 PM, I would be up and raring to go at 1 AM. I am good for 4 to 5 hours and that is it.

    From what I have been reading my poor sleeping habits will be the end of me. We should strive for 8 hours. If I get 8 hours, it is because I am sick. I have been like this since the age of 40.

    Well enjoy your company and have sweet dreams after they leave.

  2. Didn't say I slept, did I? Actually, I often wake up 12.30, 2.00 a.m. and listen to my radio (with headphones) for the rest of the night - phone-in shows 24/7. I'm lucky like you to get 4-5 hours at night.

  3. NB - we read until 10.00pm.

  4. I don't nap unless I am ill. I do like my night time 8 hours though. My husband had a strict three day limit on having or being company.

  5. I love naps but with Ironman training and work, besides the horses, two farms and our dogs at home I rarely have time for naps. So at night I sleep well but can get by with 4-6 hours if needed.

    1. Wow - I think if I had that much exercise every day I would probably pass out round the clock.