Friday, 24 April 2015

Big Son goes to America

Google image but same size/shape as Big Son

"Oh no, M has sent us a photo on your phone of himself in hospital complete with tubes, drip and heart monitor!"  I shouldn't have done that - hubby nearly drove off the road. We were returning home from taking our visitors back to get their plane in Cape Town. Big son went off to Chicago ten days ago on a training mission (IT stuff) - he was doing the training and all we had heard so far was that the food was awesome, service in restaurants amazing and he was off to organise a Victoria's Secret panty order for his sister. And now this i-phone pic with the cryptic message "I have a story to tell you." I wish children wouldn't do this. The last time it happened viz  "You will laugh when I tell you this",  it was our 18-year-old daughter who had been lost in London in the middle of the night sans cell phone and sans any money. (Ref.previous post somewhere). Anyway, then he phoned. Apparently, he had felt short of breath and not very well one day and described his symptoms to a local pharmacist, thinking he would be provided with a suitable over-the-counter remedy.  He does have some interesting skin and food allergies but has never had an asthma pump. On hearing his unusual accent and then discovering that M was from "Africa", there was quite a panic and to his surprise Big Son was rushed off to hospita to an isolation ward for a battery of tests: ebola was one of them. (Note: South Africa is many thousands of miles from the Ebola countries.)  Still, it was a relief that all the tests came back negative: the diagnosis  - some or other mild virus. Next day, big son felt much better and went fishing. The guy he was with caught a sturgeon in Lake Michigan and our anxiety levels re the welfare of our children have returned to normal. Big son gets home this week when he will get a severe bollocking from his mother.


  1. Kids! At least he did not text "Please come immediately."
    Sad commentary on our knowledge and understanding of world geography.

  2. I am glad your son is OK, also glad they didn't lock him up in medical quarantine for 21 days like they have some other folks.

    If we worked half as hard for a vaccine as we worry about ebola in the US, we could have had it solved.