Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fun With Washing

Just a little fun today. I was hanging washing when hubby asked me to hold the ladder while he ascended to make adjustments to the roof of my new laundry room.  With a little imagination it looks as if I have left the bottom half of my body to hang the washing while my top half is holding the ladder. It happened that he had washed a pair of shoes and left them under the line to dry - underneath a pair of jeans.  Have a nice day.

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  1. Did he make it off the roof ok? I always get nervous when you mention ladders and your husband in the same post.

    Cool effect! Here is one of Google:

    On Google Maps type in Hulton bridge Oakmont Pennsylvania.

    Goto satellite view. You should see a zoomed portion of the Allegheny River with brown water and construction of the new bridge. Now zoom in so that the scale indicator shows 100 FT / 50 M and pay attention to the river slightly north east of the bridge between the island and south east shore of the river. You will see 4 barges with two more partially submerged and no river boat.

    Fear not there was no horrendous sinking of a river boat with loss of life. Pan the image further north east and behold a red and white riverboat with 6 coal barges. It is a stitching error in google's seamless mapping algorithm.

    The zoomed images with brown water is considerably newer than the zoomed in images with river boat. If you look adjacent to the bridge in the brown water shots you will see construction efforts for the replacement bridge. The Hulton Bridge was built in 1908. The steel in the bridge bears a Carnegie Steel imprint. I hate to see it go, it is a lovely steel structure, but then again I would hate to fall in the river. The superstructure has been rated deficient for the traffic loading.