Monday, 23 February 2015

Re-vamped Cabins - Giggle!

Getting used to the room

Photographing the guys in the mirror

Me and my Doppelganger dressed for the gala evening
We have been somewhat spoilt on our last three cruises (The Med. and Norway) as we went with Royal Caribbean - a hard act to follow.  This time only MSC Cruises do the route from South Africa up to Mozambique and Madagascar. This worthy Italian-owned family business with 12 ships is not too shabby either, having vastly upgraded their facilities since we first went with them circa 1992 and were directed to what I thought were the crew's quarters - as we slept in an inside cabin in bunks, one of which was broken and one had to cling to the side to stop falling out. Apparently, that boat was scrapped in 2005. As you can see, the cabins are now very nice although we were somewhat taken aback by the almost wall-to-wall mirrors. Yes we all know mirrors make the place look bigger but they can be rather intimidating when you take your clothes off.  Luckily, at our age, we could laugh at the images we saw - no doubt the honeymoon couples made better use of them. I loved the blue. I just found that if you have an active imagination, no matter how hard I tried with my eyes closed, I had constant images in my head of at least four other people ogling us from all sides with some not-very-elegant views in their headlights. Needless to say, hubby claimed that he could ignore them. This ship is named the MSC Opera. All the floors were named after my favourite operas and each floor's cabin's decor was a different color. We had a balcony which we made full use of.


  1. Both you and your doppelgänger look nice in your evening wear.

    The cool thing about rooms with mirrors is that lights have two positions...on for the honeymoon couples and off for the rest of us. Regardless of what it may look like it still feels wonderful.

    I have been in hotels that had folding mirrored cupboard doors with a mirror opposite. This allowed to easily adjust the folding mirror's angle to give you a reflection of a reflection of a reflection... theoretically going infinite small. It is kind of cool because perspective is achieved each reflection a little smaller than the last and some of the light gets absorbed so each reflection gets a bit darker than the last. So it looks like you are looking down a very long ribbed hallway that gets darker as you go.

    One of me is pretty ugly, two of me doubly so, but an infinite number of me was down right depressing.

  2. I do notice the 'Umlaut' on Doppelganger - just haven't discovered how to find it when typing these posts - same for all the French accents. Note to self: glad I only had one reflection of me to worry about.

    1. I didn't put the umlaut in. It did it self. Lets see if it will do it again.

      Doppelgänger. Yes it is my spell checker that inserts it. I don't bother with such stuff myself.